Stage of Mind Inc. provides in-person and virtual / online counselling services. We offer various psychotherapy counselling modalities, hypnotherapy and training services. Our therapists are committed to helping you develop effective strategies for coping with difficult situations arising from traumatic experiences, painful memories, difficult challenges, persistent, troubling thoughts, feelings or habits that interfere with your health, productivity and wellbeing. We are here to help you strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. Together, we will focus on changes you want to see in your life, including areas of self-care, work-life balance, personal growth, career development, spirituality, parenting and intimacy.

We offer individual counselling for all ages, including children, teens and adults, using various psychotherapeutic models, such as cognitive behavioural models (CBT), including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other therapeutic approaches, including experiential, exposure, motivational, person-centred, psychodynamic and psychoanalytical, humanistic, somatic and solution-focused, as well as Hypnotherapy. Our values are driven by compassion and cultural sensitivity.

Our areas of treatment include pain, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias, grief, depression and trauma. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you already know they are often interconnected, with one issue leading to or inflating another. Start taking action to regain control of your life today!  We offer services to help you improve areas of your life, through coping with these difficult situations, while increasing your motivation and confidence. By taking action, you can improve your skills for social interaction, work productivity, business success, and performance in sports, the arts or public speaking. We are here to help you develop new skills needed to make lifestyle changes, such as stopping unwanted habits, quitting smoking, losing weight, maximizing your fitness level and improving your sleep.

Our services are all about you!  There are many therapeutic models which can be used to improve your life today, and we can discuss this with you to help you explore which one is best for you. Sometimes it is appropriate to use a combination of approaches to address your specific needs, resulting in an integrative or holistic approach. The important thing to remember is that engaging in therapy is your choice. Your autonomy is an important aspect of treatment. Before starting any treatment, your therapist will discuss with you the benefits, risks and expected possible outcomes of treatment to obtain your consent. You will be able to explore and agree upon the therapeutic plan that is best for you. You will be respected and provided a safe and confidential space to improve upon your mental health and wellness.

Therapy is not only about getting rid of problems and unwanted thoughts and feelings. It is also about change. You can change your thoughts, mindset, beliefs about yourself, and your behaviours. You can decide to let go of unwanted, negative self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from maximizing your potential in business, sports or other areas of performance, such as music or public speaking. Or, you can change your lifestyle by making better choices for your physical and mental health and wellness, such as changing your food choices, exercising, losing weight or quitting smoking.

Many of our clients use hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis to achieve change and improve their lives. Many people don’t realize that hypnosis is a natural everyday phenomenon. Hypnosis is also an ancient form of healing used throughout the world to help create a focused state of attention where powerful changes can be made at the subconscious level to rewrite existing negative, self-limiting scripts running in our minds and controlling our emotions and behaviours. Today, hypnosis is used and studied widely in the medical field.

Meet our Therapists

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