Corporate Training


Workshop: two to three hours of interactive dialogue and engaging group exercises to develop awareness of personal barriers to achieving happiness and learn simple strategies to radically change how you make decisions that affect key areas of your life in the short- and long-term, creating a lasting, balanced, values-driven life, full of meaning.

Presentation: one hour engaging informational session encompassing key factors in chasing happiness and learning strategies to achieve a balance in the most important areas of your life.

We live in an age of information excess, putting our minds in overdrive when it comes to making choices and solving problems from minute to minute. This can be so consuming that it takes over every aspect of our lives, including our jobs, our relationships with our partners, children, family, friends, coworkers and even our relationship with ourselves.  In fact, our brains are inherently wired to bombard us with an internal dialogue of negative comments, problems, dangers, urges, reminders of the past and predictions of the future. This can become so overwhelming that it affects our mental health and wellbeing.  We get so caught up in this abundance of decisions and dilemmas and warding off painful thoughts, feelings, memories and urges, that it becomes impossible to make the “right” decision, or to feel fulfilled by our choices. 

Our brains are micromanaging us, leaving no room for happiness or living a values-based, meaningful life. This is the underpinning of anxiety and depression and basically stands in the way of our happiness.  We get caught up in defunct routines that are not bettering our lives, creating happiness or enriching our relationships, yet we keep following those routines hoping things will change.  These routines are hard to let go of when our minds, our most trusted advisors, tell us we have to keep following them.

Get ready to change the relationship you have with your self-defeating thoughts, so that you are able to connect with your “self” and your core values and act mindfully to add meaning to your life.  You may be surprised to hear that your unwelcomed thoughts and behaviours are “normal”. By understanding the process behind how those thoughts and behaviours work and by learning new skills, based on neurolinguistic programming, acceptance and commitment theories and motivational strategies, anyone can change the way they interact with their thoughts and make immediate changes in their daily lives to achieve lasting personal growth in all areas of life.